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Are you ready to stop second guessing yourself & start feeling more confident in who you are?


In this podcast, you'll be empowered & equipped with psychology & spirituality infused tools to start genuinely loving who you are & feeling more confident!

You'll hear aboutt mental & emotional wellness, being kinder to yourself, spirituality, and holistic healthy habit creation.


Hey friend, my name is Devoney. I’m a licensed therapist, life coach, yoga teacher, dog mom, and nature lover.


I struggled so much in my late teens & twenties with deep insecurities, self doubt, anxiety, and people pleasing. What you'll hear on this podcast is rooted in what I've learned as a therpaist & almost 10 years in the mental health field AND ALSO the raw, imperfect & messy lessons from my own personal healing journey.


Sweet friend, if you're ready to start getting out of your head, feeling confident in who you are here to be & having more fun in your life, this is the show for you


Grab your iced coffee & your journal, let's dive in!

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