A psychology & spirituality ledĀ transformational experienceĀ that activates radical self love and confidence and unlocks theĀ fun, purpose & passion filled life you've been dreaming about.


I have three different mentoring packages that vary in level of support, length and investment.



Ā a 12 week group coaching experience to help you activate your next level confidence & ignite your most fun, passion & purpose filled lifeĀ 


Next Round Starts:

Late January/Early February 2024


About Your Coach, Devoney

Hey friend, I see you & I’ve been right where you are.  I’ve felt like I was stuck in self doubt, questioning myself all the time, filtering myself, holding myself back and being so hard on myself.


All I wanted was to be like those girls who were just themselves - they were confident, they knew who they were and they weren't afraid to to show it.  I felt constant doubt & anxiety about how I was interacting with people, what they were thinking & I so badly wanted to just be myself, speak what was on my mind, let go of all the filters & feel free - genuinely not caring about what other people thought because I knew who I was & I loved who I was.


Friend, it’s possible to start being you, no filters. It’s possible to speak up for yourself. It’s possible to just be you, share your stories & jokes confidently. To feel free. To feel comfortable in who you are and what you have to say. To feel at peace with who you are. To know you're going to fu** up and that that literally has no impact on your goodness, your worth or who you are - it just means you're human... ahhh deep exhale.  To feel so present and in the moment instead of replaying scenarios and weighing out the best responses. It’s possible, love.


It's been a journey my friend.  My life experiences, my own healing journey, my heartbreaks & triumphs, my deep dark seasons of anxiety & insecurity, grad school, working towards my clinical license & sharing this work with others.  This work is my heart & soul & I'd love to share it with you.  I'd love to support you in learning what I've learned throughout my life, but in a shorter timeline.  I'd love to support you in stepping into your enough-ness.  I'd love to support you in stepping into new levels of confidence, without quite so many bumps and bruises as I did.

In a world full of coaches where everyone claims to be an expert, Devoney is a humble leader. She is gentle in her approach, but knows exactly what questions to ask to guide you to transformations in your life that help you live more wholeheartedly.

Cassie, Business Coach

Talking to Devoney is like talking to your oldest and dearest friend.  She lovingly asks questions that guide you toward the confidence and resolve to take action. She gives you easy-to-implement strategies so that can feel a change right way. 


Kate, Course Coach

I love the tools presented.  They help you express yourself & can be used & helpful in different situations.

You’ll walk away with valuable information & there’s no pressure to be a certain way!


Previous BLOOM Student

I loved learning all the tools presented that can be helpful in different situations and knowing that I’m not alone in it all.

-Previous BLOOM Student

Devoney was able to help me explore what was holding me back from making change, my false beliefs, my fears, in a very short amount of time. I was able to make very drastic changes for the better!


BLOOM was awesome!

I loved the tools to use to help me in the future and the option to talk it out whenever I needed to!

-Previous BLOOM Student