A 2 Step Process to Feeling Your Feels In A Healthy Way

emotional wellness mental wellness May 22, 2023
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A 2 Step Process to Feeling Your Feels In A Healthy Way

Hey love, today’s episode is all about what to do in tough moments.  So many of us auto-pilot into judging our feelings, analyzing our feelings, or telling ourselves we shouldn’t feel them… In today’s episode I share with you a 2 step process to actually start feeling your feelings, improve your emotional intelligence & emotional wellness.  PS - this will also help you be more in tune with yourself.  I hope you enjoy!!


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Top Nuggets From Today’s Episode:


You are human, you’re going to have emotions come up.  If we don’t create space to notice, name, feel our feels periodically, imagine a pot on the stove that keeps getting turned up, turned up, turned up without lowering the heat at all or taking the lid off.


Common Responses to Feeling Feels:

“Why do I feel this way?” (analyzing)

“I shouldn’t feel this way because….” (judging the feeling)

“Feeling this way, makes me…” (judging yourself)

Emotional Wellness Mantras:

“It makes sense I feel this way.”

“It’s okay for me to feel this way.”

Acknowledging & validating your feelings is wildly important.  

Common Myth:  Acknowledging your feelings & letting yourself know it’s okay for you to feel that way means that you’re condoning acting on these feelings.


You’re simply acknowledging them and letting them be present. Feelings are meant to be felt & allowed to pass through. They pass naturally on their own if we allow them to be there without judgment.


Reminder for you sweet love, that habit you’re trying to break was necessary for you at some point.  It protected you. It helped you make sense of a complicated situation. As you notice it now as an adult, acknowledge that it’s okay & it served a purpose, and you are ready to create a new habit.  


3 Step Process to Feel Your Feels:

  1. Place your hand on your heart. 

  2. Notice the feeling.

  3. Name the feeling.


Every time you feel a feel, tune in to your emotions, notice them, name them, take breaths, you are taking the lid off for one moment… you are letting emotions pass through… you are noticing any signals your body is trying to give you… you are tuning in & getting to know yourself in new ways.


You’ve got this, friend!

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