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Are you tired of doubting yourself & being really hard on yourself?
Are you ready to start being kinder to yourself & feeling more confident in who you are?
On this podcast, you'll find faith & psychology led tools & encouragement to help you start truly believing that you are enough, quieting that inner critic, loving who you are and making moves towards your goals!
My mission is to empower you to grow your confidence through mental wellness, spirituality, and healthy habit creation.
Hey, my name is Devoney. I’m a licensed therapist, life coach, dog mom, nature lover.
I spent a lot of my life anxious, doubting myself, and comparing myself.
I realized that through using psychology AND faith, I was able to start really standing in my self worth, feeling more confident, setting more boundaries, comparing myself less, heal my people pleasing tendencies and getting consistent with my habits.
If you’re ready to truly know that you are enough & feel more confident in who you are, this is the space for you, love.
Grab your oat milk latte, your journal & those colorful pens! Let’s dig in!
4 Ways to Start Feeling Worthy AF (Self Worth Exercises) : For the Recovering People Pleaser people pleasing self worth

 Journaling Prompt to Get Started:

Okay, my dear sweet recovering people pleaser, right now, where do you feel you’re struggling with people pleasing? Where are you not being true to...

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