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Spring 2024 Cohort 


A space to activate your next level of confidence & ignite a life full of passion, purpose & fun.

To BLOOM means...

"to mature into achivement of one's potential"

"to flourish"

"to shine out"

"to become more apparent or fully expressed"

"a state or time of beauty, freshness, vigor"

from Merriam Webster dictionary

BLOOM is for you if you're ready to...

  • Speak up, share your feelings and ideas -¬†be your most authentic,¬†quirky, bold self

  • Walk into the room with your head high, feeling secure in who you are¬†- making that joke, starting a convo

  • Say¬†no & set boundaries to social events/taking on extra work without feeling guilty

  • Worry less about¬†what other people are thinking and instead¬†being present, being in the moment, being yourself, really authentically connecting with others & genuinely have more fun¬†

  • Share your ideas openly at work.¬† Share your thoughts with friends because you know what you have to say matters.

  • Have daily, healthy routines help you show up¬†in your best self, self loving energy every day

  • Take steps every day towards your goals & dreams - knowing that God has so much for you & you just can't wait to see it unfold

Too many women are in bondage.  Wrapped up in insecurity and worry.  Doubting themselves. Questioning themselves non stop. And it’s keeping them from the purpose they are here for.


We need women who are rooted in who they are.  Women who are equipped and empowered to be salt and light.  Women who are empowered to show up and BE different than the world.  Women who are willing to speak up, share, impact, influence.  That is what the world NEEDS.


To create influence, to go after your purpose with the most ferocity, you must be rooted and grounded in who you are and the value you bring everywhere you go.


This is for you and for generations to come. 

This is you healing, growing, expanding for yourself, for your kids and for generations to come.


BLOOM is here to help you get out of your head, say what you need to say & do what matters.



1. Psychology-Infused Mindset Mastery

2. Emotional Intelligence Skills-Building

3. Mind, Body, Spirit Based Approach



  • Weekly Theme (x12)¬†Each week we will¬†dive deep¬†into one section of the Compassionate, Confident Method (my signature, Spirit led, psychology infused approach)
    • Topics we'll explore together: Nervous System Regulation & Body-Based Tools to Be More Present & Confident, Breaking Free From Self Criticism & Being So Hard On Yourself,¬†Embracing Your Strengths & Gifts,¬†Radically Owning Your Weird & Who You Are, Expressing Yourself & Setting Healthy Boundaries, Creating Your Confidence Activation Toolkit
  • Pre-Recorded Audio Trainings (x8): Each week you will have access to audio trainings¬†in your portal for you to listen to whenever you want & at whatever speed you want ūüėú.¬†
    • You'll be creating your own personalized confidence activation toolkit throughout our 12 weeks & these trainings will be the meat & potatoes!¬† Mindset tools, mental wellness practices, self healing tools, and so much more.
  • Journal Prompts & Affirmations (x12):¬†You'll receive a journal prompt & positive affirmation / mantra to support you in really integrating and practicing what we are working through that week
  • Coffee Coaching Call with Devoney (x12):¬†¬†We'll hop on ZOOM or¬†in our group chat & you can share any questions or challenges coming up, ask me to clarify and dive deeper into a training topic & get on the spot coaching from a trained therapist & life coach every week
  • ¬†Voxer:¬†Throughout the week¬†via our Group Chat, you'll receive prompts, check ins & accountability to keep you focused & encouraged along the way! (will include journal prompts, affirmations, Q & A threads, celebrating wins, and more)
  • Compassionate, Confident Woman Resource¬†Library: A¬†resource library full of short practices to use every day as you're creating your new healthy daily routines (meditation, self compassion practice, affirmations)

  • BLOOM Workbook Deep Dives: Dive deeper into the trainings with 25 pages of journal prompts, exercises, and visual learning tools that go along with the weekly trainings

Weekly Coffee Coaching Calls to Be Reminded that You're Not Alone, Ask Questions & Get Coaching From a Trained Therapist

Spirit Led & Psychology Infused Audio Trainings You Can Listen to On Your Walk/Drive

Compassionate & Confident Resource Library Full of Meditations & Guided Practices for Deeper Integration

Community With Growth Minded, Big-Hearted Women Who Are On the Same Journey


  • Warm, inviting, like a cozy blanket & a chai latte
  • ¬†A no-judgment zone

  • Yoga pants, coffee in hand, messy bun, no makeup needed

  • A safe space to¬†reflect, to ask yourself deep questions about who you genuinely want to be & what you genuinely want in your life

  • A space to feel seen, heard & supported by new growth-minded friends

  • A safe launching pad for you to release¬†old, limiting, patterns and ways of being

  • A safe launching pad to learn new ways of be-ing in the world, new ways of expressing yourself, new ways of setting boundaries, new ways of letting your weird out, new ways of taking daily action towards your dreams

  • A space to celebrate every positive step you take, no matter how small
  • Stepping outside of your comfort zone with loving, hyped support
  • Being seen and heard by women who are also on this journey with you



About Your Coach, Devoney

Hey friend, I see you & I’ve been right where you are.  I’ve felt like I was stuck in self doubt, questioning myself all the time, filtering myself, holding myself back and being so hard on myself.


When I started grad school to get my Master of Social Work, it got real. 

I started to notice all the unhealthy, codependent, people pleasing, self abandoning patterns I’d picked up.


I literally had no idea I had anxiety.

I had no idea I was struggling with insecurity. 

I thought that’s just how it was - that it was normal.


I realized that so many of my regular thoughts, my self talk, my internal dialogue were judgy, were anxious, were overly critical, were fear based.


So, I started to learn and practice what I was learning in grad school.

I started to listen to podcasts like nobody’s business - in the shower, on my drives, all the time.

I dove into the Word.

I dove into my faith. 

I started journaling. 


God transformed how I saw myself.  

I started to let how God sees me & how God cares for me influence how I saw myself and how I was speaking to myself…


It was a complete identity shift.

A shift in how I saw myself.  A releasing of my old identities and what I believed about myself, how I saw myself.  A softening & healing of my relationship with me.


I didn’t have a lot of people around me who were doing this work too,  so I sought out people who were on similar journeys. 

I craved that support, that connection with other women who were also wanting more wholeness, more growth, more authenticity, more from life.


This part of my journey was really hard, unlearning so much that I had literally been believing and living out my entire life...


I had to piece together all of this for myself - taking secular psychology based principles and figuring out how that worked with my faith.

Finding community that was also dedicated to growing & healing...

and this is exactly why I created BLOOM.

So you don't have to piece it all together by yourself.


BLOOM is a beautiful blend of ...

My almost 10 years of experience in the mental health field


Everything I’ve learned on my journey as a Christian, recovering people pleaser & recovering self doubter


All wrapped up into 8 weeks of faith friendly, psychology infused teachings, in your pocket coaching from a trained therapist & community with growth minded women


A Closer Look...

Through BLOOM you'll walk through my personally crafted, Spirit led, psychology infused COMPASSIONATE & CONFIDENT WOMAN METHOD.


Throughout the 12 week program, there are 4 weeks where the focus will be on integrating what you've learned so far.  These weeks will serve as a pause, with no new trainings, to create intentional integration space to build the skills you've been practicing even more deeply, so that they start to become part of you.  These weeks we will have coaching, prompts, all of it, but without adding in any new content.  These weeks are going to create deep results.



WEEK 1: Creating Your Life Audit & Your Spirit Led Life Vision

Deep dive into your work, relationships, fun, personal growth, health and do a really honest assessment of how you feel in each of these areas of your life.  


 WEEK 2: Creating Healthy, Simple Routines & Rhythms

You’ll get to create daily routines that you feel excited about, that help you tune in to you & that allow you to show up as your most authentic self every day!  These routines will include mindfulness, self compassion, journaling, morning routines, evening routines & nervous system regulating practices.


 WEEK 3: Integration Week

This week, within our community you will catch up on any trainings & integration practices you haven’t had time for.  You will more deeply personalize what you’ve been learning & practice living out what you’re learning even more.



WEEK 4: A Regulated Nervous System

You’ll learn all about your nervous system - it’s direct impact on how you feel, the thoughts you’re having and the choices you make.  With this new awareness & insight, you’ll start practicing how to get out of that fight/flight and freeze/shutdown mode so you can start feeling more grounded and confident… in turn taking more consistent action towards your goals, with your routines, etc.


WEEK 5: Embracing Your Strengths & Gifts

You’ll become so aware of the top limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and from showing up boldly & confidently in your life.  You’ll get in tune with your specific God given gifts & strengths.  You’ll start rewiring your brain using Scripture and strengths building practices to start feeling more secure in who you are, the unique gifts you have & how you can start living them out more!


WEEK 6: Integration Week

This week, within our community you will catch up on any trainings & integration practices you haven’t had time for.  You will more deeply personalize what you’ve been learning & practice living out what you’re learning even more.


WEEK 7 & 8. Creating Your Confidence Activation Toolkit

You’ll have go-to tools so you feel equipped & know exactly what to do in moments of self doubt & comparison.  You’ll have tools to be able to lovingly and effectively break free from the ruminating & take confident action.

You’ll have go to tools to support you in taking messy, consistent, sustainable moves towards your goals.  This is where it’s at.  We’ll keep things simple, do-able & focusing on one day at a time.  This is where all the magic happens, love.  This is how we see radical change 6 months, 1 year, 2 years down the road.


WEEK 9: Integration Week

This week, within our community you will catch up on any trainings & integration practices you haven’t had time for.  You will more deeply personalize what you’ve been learning & practice living out what you’re learning even more.



WEEK 10: Empowered Self Expression

You’ll learn healthy communication skills & healthy boundary setting skills and start practicing openly and lovingly expressing yourself more.  This might be at work or in your relationships.  This could be sharing your ideas at a work meeting or turning down a social commitment confidently because you’re at capacity.  


WEEK 11: Healing Your Self Talk & Cultivating a Compassionate, Inner Bestie

You’ll learn self compassion skills to start treating yourself more like how you treat your close friends - with love and gentleness.  You’ll start to create an actual relationship with you - where you check in with yourself, where you look out for yourself, show up for yourself, encourage yourself, validate your feelings in tough moments.  


WEEK 12:  Integration Week & Celebrations 


Devoney was able to help me explore what was holding me back from making change, my false beliefs, my fears, in a very short amount of time. I was able to make very drastic changes for the better!

Michelle, Business Owner

I loved learning all the tools presented that can be helpful in different situations and knowing that I’m not alone in it all.

Previous BLOOM Student

BLOOM was awesome!

I loved the tools to use to help me in the future and the option to talk it out whenever I needed to!

Previous BLOOM Student

After BLOOM, imagine...

  • you know what you believe in, who you are & how you want to show up for your life
  • you feel more in tune with your emotions & your needs
  • you feel confident & empowered when big emotions come up - you¬† have the tools to handle them in a healthy, loving way
  • you raise your hand & speak up at work - willing to take risks because you'd rather swing & miss than not swing at all!
  • you show up in your relationships more openly, more honestly, authentically you - creating space for deeper connection, more patience, more empathy for those around you, more space to genuinely give
  • every day you have routines & practices that help you feel connected to God & connected to yourself - allowing you to show up for your people feeling grounded & already having done something for you!
  • you know exactly what to do in moments when comparison or self doubt creep in
  • you feel¬†so much more¬†in control of your mindset & your choices¬†
  • ¬†your Spirit led, true, authentic Self guides your choices throughout the day leading you to make healthy, empowering, best self moves
  • you feel¬†so present & excited for where you are & this life you're creating!

In a world full of coaches where everyone claims to be an expert, Devoney is a humble leader. She is gentle in her approach, but knows exactly what questions to ask to guide you to transformations in your life that help you live more wholeheartedly.

Cassie, Business Coach

Talking to Devoney is like talking to your oldest and dearest friend.  She lovingly asks questions that guide you toward the confidence and resolve to take action. She gives you easy-to-implement strategies so that can feel a change right way. 


Kate, Course Coach