2 Journal Prompts to Start Setting Healthy Boundaries

Jul 05, 2023
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2 Journal Prompts to Start Setting Healthy Boundaries

We often think that when we overextend ourselves and say yes to all the things for everyone that we’re being so selfless and kind.  We’re not.  I’m not. You’re not. What we’re really doing is negatively impacting our wellbeing.  We’re telling ourselves that our needs aren’t as important.  


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Setting boundaries is vital & genuinely helps our relationships thrive. 

They allow us to feel more in alignment with what we’re needing & what we genuinely have the energy for.  

They allow us to show up more wholeheartedly when we do commit to things!

They allow us to show up & do the best freaking job at what we do commit to.

They allow others to also see and respect our capacity.

They allow us to be more intentional with where we give our energy and our time.

They allow us to hold responsibility for our lives instead of handing it over to whoever asks you for something.  


We are meant to be stewards of our time and our energy. 

Sometimes I think we get this twisted & end up saying yes to everyone thinking we’re being nice & helpful, when really we’re people pleasing & not being intentional with the time & energy we have that God may be calling us to use somewhere else.


You don’t have to burn yourself out, love. 

What might you start doing differently if you genuinely started to believe that being more intentional with your nos & yeses could actually strengthen your relationships & help you show up at even higher levels in your work & for life?!


Journaling Prompts to Start Building Your Boundary Setting Muscles:

  1. Start building your muscles of trusting that you can handle what comes up.
  2. Reflect on a situation where this came up recently.
  3. How would you want to handle it differently?
  4. What would the most empowered, authentic, confident version of you do in that situation?


Healthy Boundary Setting Affirmations:

  • I am learning to be a more effective steward of my time and energy.
  • I am learning to be more intentional with my yeses and nos.
  • The more intentional I am with what I commit to, the more wholeheartedly I can show up for the people I love & the things that are most important to me.
  • Being intentional with my yeses and nos strengthens my relationships.  
  • Being intentional with my yeses and nos 
  • Being honest about my capacity strengthens my relationships.  
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