4 Ways to Start Feeling Worthy AF: Self Worth Exercises For the Recovering People Pleaser

journaling people pleasing self worth Mar 18, 2023

 Journaling Prompt to Get Started:

Okay, my dear sweet recovering people pleaser, right now, where do you feel you’re struggling with people pleasing? Where are you not being true to yourself, your needs, your self expression, your dreams, your values?


4 Ways to Start Feeling Worthy AF (Self Worth Exercises) for the Recovering People Pleaser


1. Get so intentional about who you let speak into your life.

Are they living a life that you want to live?  Do they have similar values? Do you respect and admire them?


2. Check in with yourself FIRST.

Before you go asking anyone else what they think you should do, ask yourself first.

Start building the muscles of sitting with yourself and starting to tune in to your voice.


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3. Notice the reasons & stories your mind tells you about why you need to stay in the patterns you’re in.

This is a huge part of what we do in BLOOM & in my short, potent AF intensives!

Is it to protect other people’s feelings?

Is it to make sure they see you a certain way?

Our minds are problem solving machines.  They are always trying to help us even if it’s not helpful at all.

Start noticing… and be willing to start questioning these reasons.

4. Start building up your tolerance to do something different & being uncomfortable.

Phrases to try out when you want to instantly say yes.

“Can I get back to you?”

“I need to sit with this.”

Take a pause.  

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