Positive Affirmations & Exercises to Know You're Enough

self worth Mar 09, 2023
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Positive Affirmations & Exercises to Know You're Enough

 In today's episode, you'll hear loads of self worth exercises and positive affirmations to grow your self love & self worth.  


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I spent much of my young adult being a high achiever, people pleaser and perfectionist…

Taking on extra work, being sure to always be bright and positive, being the nice girl, being the helpful girl, making sure that I put out this image of having it together and being capable of doing all the things. 

I remember going up to the front of class would literally cause me anxiety… and I realize that’s deeply due to the standards I was holding myself to…

I needed to make sure I didn't trip, have something on my butt, literally anythinggg and why?! WHY did so many moments feel so high stake and that I couldn't make any mistakes or look like a dingus?!




  • I’ll be worthy if…
  • I’ll be worthy when…

False Identities

  • Trying to be someone we're not
  • Trying to put out a certain image - perfect, got it all together, super nice, can do it all, I could go on...  this is something we dive deep into in BLOOM

Others’ Approval & Validation

Your Accomplishments

The Achiever Identity

People Pleasing


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    • My worthiness is innate.  My worthiness does not change.  My worthiness is secure & stable.  I am worthy. I am deserving. 

    • I am a true light to the people around me.  I have so much value to share with the people around me. 

    • My opinions and ideas deserve to be shared and heard.

    • I can take up space.  I deserve to take up space.  

    • I deserve all the good things in my heart. I deserve the relationships I desire. I deserve to experience a life I love. I deserve to be treated the way I treat those around me.

Let me know what's standing out to you friend, I'd love to know!

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