Why We Question Our Self Worth & 3 Truths to Start Knowing You are Enough Just as You Are

self worth Feb 25, 2023
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Why We Question Our Self Worth & 3 Truths to Start Knowing You are Enough Just as You Are

Looking for self worth exercises because you feel like you're questioning your self worth?  You are in the perfect spot, friend!


There are a number of reasons why we question our self worth, but let’s start with what this might look like…


You might be struggling to know your worth and value if:

  • You struggle to speak up if your opinion goes against the grain
  • You struggle to set boundaries with others for fear of upsetting or disappointing them
  • You struggle to assert yourself & speak up for yourself - expressing your feelings or needs
  • You feel like an imposter and keep your ideas to yourself because you don’t feel like they’re worth hearing
  • You don’t rock the boat or bet on yourself

These are just a few examples… many of which I’ve experienced actually & many that we work through in BLOOM, my group coaching program. 


God whispered this idea to me recently, WAKE UP TO YOUR WORTH as a focus for the podcast this month.  Realizing that that had been my experience, years of slowly waking up to my self worth & value through self worth exercises & growing my awareness of how truly worthy & valuable I am.  Years of growing my self love and self worth.  


My journey over the last decade really has been one of growing my true knowing of my worth & value.  

That my worthiness is inherent, unchanging, unwavering.  


Today, I want us to spend some time breaking free from the barriers & blocks that have been getting in your way..  


How did we get here?

We’ve been sold lies, that at some point made sense… and we adopted them.

Someone judged us. 

Someone criticized us. 

Someone doubted us.

Our brains took it in & adopted them…

Leading you to question your self worth.


So here you are, as an adult ready to heal these unhelpful old, patterns. 

You ready?!



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#1 your worth is the deepest knowing that you are valuable, you are worthy, you are deserving of respect, of love and of goodness


Many of us experienced a lot of things growing up that led us to question this… to not feel secure in this…

So as adults, we get to decide that this is True.

That you are worthy, valuable and deserving.


#2 your approval matters the most - we seek external validation and approval but what we really crave is for our own


As you start to turn inward and start validating yourself… this changes the game.

As you start to respond to tough feelings and emotions with “oh girl, this is hard” “this is really difficult” “it’s okay to feel this way” it changes everything.

You start to give yourself the validation and affirmation that we so often look for outside of ourselves…

This is something we dive deeply into in my group coaching program, BLOOM.


#3 doubting ourselves & keeping our words, ideas, amazing-ness to ourselves is a mutha fucking waste of time & life


Well… it’s true.  God has placed you here with a unique purpose. You have gifts. You have amazing strengths.  You have so much light, love, value, weird to give to the world… and yet you hold it in in fear of judgment.  


You have one life, my friend.


The more that you practice letting it out.  The more that you practice expressing yourself, speaking up, setting boundaries, the more these muscles build… the easier it becomes & the more freedom you experience…


As your inner self worth grows, you start showing up in the world differently.

You are standing in your worth, that cup is full.

You aren’t wavering, you aren’t trying to fill that cup up.

You are grounded. You are full.  

You are ready to connect, enjoy, share, pour out…

And there is freedom here, so much freedom.




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