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Creating validation from within

Feeling rooted && grounded in who you are, what you're about && what you're available for

Cultivating a relationship with yourself full of softness, care, and respect - finally giving yourself the care & love you give everyone else

 Coming home to yourself 

Being your own hype woman 

Creating an inner world of curiosity, compassion, and confidence 

Radiating your God-given confidence 

Creating your life with intention & living life on your terms

Letting yourself, your strengths & your gifts shine 

Propelling towards your goals & your purpose like never before



  • Getting crystal clear & deeply rooted in the vision of WHO you're being called to step into in your next era
  • Learning psychology & spirituality led tools to start being kinder to yourself && your biggest hype person
  • Learning mindset & body-based tools so that moment to moment throughout your day, you can step into your God-given confidence && make big, bold moves in your career, relationships, fun & health
  • Creating a tangible roadmap & toolkit so you know exactly what tools to practice && when that will allow you to become a master of your self talk, creating massive ripple effects in every area of your life

Coaching From a Trained Therapist Who Has Been in the Mental Health Field for Over 9 Years

Spirit Led & Psychology Infused Audio Trainings You Can Listen to On Your Walk/Drive

Journaling Prompts, Affirmations & Guided Practices to Support Your Nervous System Health That Will Become Daily Go-Tos

Community With Growth Minded, Big-Hearted Women Who Are On the Same Journey


The Vibe Inside Voxer


Throughout BECOMING You'll Get:

  • 4 Audio trainings shared throughout the 2 weeks (you can listen to at whatever playback speed you want, and whenever you have time in your day)

  • Journaling prompts to individualize the trainings & practices

  • Guided mindfulness & nervous system regulating practices to get you out of fight/flight && into deeper self compassion & confidence

  • Integration tools to support you in practicing and embodying what you’re learning 

  • A community space (voice/text messaging) for support, accountability & coaching in deeply implementing what you’re learning

  • Lifetime access to the trainings!


About Your Coach, Devoney

Hey friend, I see you & I’ve been right where you are.  I’ve felt like I was stuck in self doubt, questioning myself all the time, filtering myself, holding myself back and being so hard on myself.


When I started grad school to get my Master of Social Work, it got real. 

I started to notice all the unhealthy, codependent, people pleasing, self abandoning patterns I’d picked up.


I literally had no idea I had anxiety.

I had no idea I was struggling with insecurity. 

I thought that’s just how it was - that it was normal.


I realized that so many of my regular thoughts, my self talk, my internal dialogue were judgy, were anxious, were overly critical, were fear based.


So, I started to learn and practice what I was learning in grad school.

I started to listen to podcasts like nobody’s business - in the shower, on my drives, all the time.

I dove into the Word.

I dove into my faith. 

I started journaling. 


God transformed how I saw myself.  

I started to let how God sees me & how God cares for me influence how I saw myself and how I was speaking to myself…


It was a complete identity shift.

A shift in how I saw myself.  A releasing of my old identities and what I believed about myself, how I saw myself.  A softening & healing of my relationship with me.


I didn’t have a lot of people around me who were doing this work too,  so I sought out people who were on similar journeys. 

I craved that support, that connection with other women who were also wanting more wholeness, more growth, more authenticity, more from life.


This part of my journey was really hard, unlearning so much that I had literally been believing and living out my entire life...


I had to piece together all of this for myself - taking secular psychology based principles and figuring out how that worked with my faith.



In my coaching programs, I bring:

My almost 10 years of experience in the mental health field


Everything I’ve learned on my journey as a Christian, recovering people pleaser & recovering self doubter 

Devoney was able to help me explore what was holding me back from making change, my false beliefs, my fears, in a very short amount of time. I was able to make very drastic changes for the better!

Michelle, Business Owner

I loved learning all the tools presented that can be helpful in different situations and knowing that I’m not alone in it all.

Previous BLOOM Student

BLOOM was awesome!

I loved the tools to use to help me in the future and the option to talk it out whenever I needed to!

Previous BLOOM Student


In a world full of coaches where everyone claims to be an expert, Devoney is a humble leader. She is gentle in her approach, but knows exactly what questions to ask to guide you to transformations in your life that help you live more wholeheartedly.

Cassie, Business Coach

Talking to Devoney is like talking to your oldest and dearest friend.  She lovingly asks questions that guide you toward the confidence and resolve to take action. She gives you easy-to-implement strategies so that can feel a change right way. 


Kate, Course Coach